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RPS 1 2018

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affirmation of rights

Essential Levels of Welfare: Cash Benefits and Services

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When we talk about health, social and welfare services it is useful to refer to health and wellbeing. They are two concepts that significantly overlap and mutually interfere with each other, and are difficult to separate out even in our own lives. Health influences wellbeing and vice versa, and we do not know where health ends and wellbeing begins. Legally, politically and administratively, in organising and providing services, the distinction and the separating out is a necessary phase. However, when they have been separated out, they need to be brought back together again. The first separation of the two is in the Constitution, where protecting the right to health is different, more precise and detailed, while the protection of social rights is weaker. This formulation is linked to a work logic, a logic that has been important in history, but is now reductive in terms of universalism.only subscribers can see the full article